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Brazil and Mexico decide the 2017 Copa America title

Guilherme Becker

Copa America 2017 enters final stretch of disputes and will meet his great champion on Monday afternoon (20). Undefeated, Brazil and Mexico have the best defenses of the competition and decide who takes the title. In the dispute of the third place, Peru faces Uruguay. Soon after the decisions, the Falcão star enters the court for the game of the stars.

In the first game of the night,

Peru faces Uruguay to decide who gets the third place in the competition. Undefeated in the tournament, the owners of the house try to close the good campaign with the victory. Uruguay are hoping to win their first match in the competition.

The big final is for Brazil and Mexico, who face each other with the best defenses of the tournament. While the Mexicans try to raise one more title in Peruvian lands, Brazilians are looking for the first title away from home.

Matches are scheduled for Monday night (20), Starting at 6pm, at the Manuel Bonilla Stadium.

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