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It's time for playoff

Guilherme Becker

After three exciting rounds in the first round, the time has come to define who arrives at the decision of the Copa América de Futebol 7. Among the semifinalists, Brazil, Peru and Mexico are undefeated. Uruguay complete the list of the four best.

In the last round of the first phase Mexico took the lead after beating Argentina. Now the team faces Uruguay, opponent who gave work to the Mexicans in the first phase.

The owners of the house face Brazil and both teams are undefeated. In the first phase the teams did not meet, but the duels promise to be exciting. With one of the best attacks of the competition, the Peru tries to end the invincibility of Brazil, which has one of the best defenses.

The semi-final matches are scheduled for Sunday (19) at the Manuel Bonilla Stadium.

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