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Third round sets the qualifiers for the semifinals of Copa América

Football 7 | Guilherme Becker

The first phase of the Copa America 2017 enters in the final stretch and the third round defines the teams that advance to the semifinals. Unbeaten in the tournament, Brazil, Mexico and Peru decide their positions in the classification. Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay are looking for the first victory and a place in the next phase.

In the first duel of the night, Brazil faces Uruguay to try to be among the top two in the standings. While the Brazilians come packaged for two victories, the Uruguay team seeks to score their first points.

With the support of their fans, Peru faces Ecuador in order to maintain its good performance in the competition. Ecuador have to win if they want to get the last place in the semifinals.

At the end of the first phase, Mexico faces Argentina. To continue in the tournament, the brothers must win the Mexicans, who comes from two grades results in the first two games.

The matches that conclude the first phase are scheduled for the night of Saturday (18), from 20h, at the Estadio Manuel Bonilla.

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