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Brazil, Peru and Mexico follow undefeated in Copa America

Guilherme Becker

The Copa América 2017 followed the squabbles last night (17), with exciting duels. In the classic, best for Brazil, who won upset Argentina. Mexico and Peru also won their matches and are undefeated in the competition.

In the match that opened the round, Mexico maintained the same rhythm of the debut and overcame Ecuador with confidence, winning by 10 x 1. Brazil also won another one, this time against Argentina. Even leaving behind in the marker, the Brazilians reversed the score and won by 4 to 1.

As in the debut, Peru achieved a quiet victory in the second round. In front of Uruguay, the owners of the house started losing, but they turned the score to 10 x 2 and confirmed the invincibility.

By the last round of the first phase, the teams return to the court this Saturday (18), from 20h, at the Estadio Manuel Bonilla.

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