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Brazil and Peru debut with thrash in Copa América

Football 7 / Guilherme Becker

With the main soccer teams 7 of the continent, the Copa America began on Thursday (16), in Lima, Peru. In addition to exciting duels, thrashing scored the opening night gives competition.

Even with a first-half balanced, the Brazilian team did not give Ecuador chances in the opening duel. In the second half the Brazilians finalized more and thrashed by 6 to 2.

Peru and Argentina also held a balanced showdown, however, home owners took the better. More efficient in the end gives start, the team debuted with a win by 8 to 4.

In the closing round of the first round, Uruguay and Mexico disputed the points until the last minutes. Even pressing in the final part of the duel, Uruguay failed to draw the tie and was defeated by 4 to 3.

Now the teams are preparing to return to the court this Friday (17) for the second round in the tournament. The duels are scheduled for Elizeu Manoel Bonilha Stadium.

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