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Luizinho, Weslei, Wruck, Zóio and Vassoura in the list of stars in the Brazilian National Team

The Brazilian National Team will compete in the Copa América de Futebol 7 in Lima (PER) between March 16 and 20 and will face the greatest strengths of football 7 in the continent. The coach is Israel Wamosy and Alex Neves, who in 2016 took the Avaí-SC to the title of Santa Catarina. The Brazilian team was summoned and has a base made up of well-known players of Brazilian 7 football, but it shows renewal and some new faces, such as the presence of the star Zoio do Santos / SP and Dionata do Foz Fut7 / PR, Of the Americas 2016. The initial list of the technical committee counted on 45 indicated athletes and of these 16 were chosen to defend the country in the competition. Check out the called.

Rodrigo Rocha (Goalkeeper) - Metropolitano / SC Thiago (Goalkeeper) - Botafogo / RJ Dionata (fixed) - Foz Fut7 / PR Helcinho (fixed) - Madureira / RJ Wruck (wing) - Vasco da Gama / RJ Macedo (ward) - America / MG Wesley (wing) - Vasco da Gama / RJ Zoio (ward) - Santos / SP Luizinho (midfield) - Madureira / RJ Fabinho (midfielder) - Avaí / SC Pinduca (midfielder) - Atlético / PR Marcelo Fatori (midfielder) - Metropolitano / SC Ide (midfielder) - Atlético / PR Vassoura (pivot) - Araz Nacxivan / Arzebaijão Mikimba (pivot) - Vasco / RJ Luiz Fernando (pivot) - Foz Fut7 / PR

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