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Fabian Canaveris talks about Falcão and the planning of the F7W for the next years of work.

CEO of the (F7W) Football 7 World, Uruguayan Fabian Canaveris, talked about planning the next 7 steps of football development in the world. The leader of the organization explained about the next steps, new projects and also to get again bring the best player in the history of futsal for the Football 7 event. Check the main quotes of the interview.


"It was necessary to reconcile the agenda of international events with the need for national leagues, and to think about creating a strong identity for the message that you want to send through sport. But as it is not the development of sport at a professional level in many countries they start to have different interests than clubs, athletes, television and companies interested in supporting this development.It was necessary to separate the demands to form a new platform Football development 7 "


"There were many events taking place at a different level of quality. The first step was to simplify. All international football events 7 will be held within a strict international standard. We have reduced the number of events in order to receive a greater number of teams in the same event with television for as many countries as possible. Football 7 will only be developed at the professional level if people can keep up with the work we are doing, so TV is an important tool to achieve greater visibility to the sport and its supporters."


"This year we are going to do three main events, while in 2018 will be held six major events, with our first competition in Europe and the United States. The highlight will undoubtedly be the realization of the World Championship teams. We expect 16 countries and transmit the event to all continents."


"For the first jobs was a great achievement for the sport. Getting bring back to Football 7 is reason to celebrate. The international football community 7 is eager to see it again in action. He was recently honored by FIFA. In Lima we will do the same, to be lending its prestige to this our way of development project.MESSAGEWe open doors to receive 7 football leagues and sports around the world. In our work plan we intend to help people develop their own projects within the sport. We want to bring together all those who work seriously looking to take football 7 to a new level within the sport all over the world."

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