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F7 Awards - Diego Andrade invoice award for best goalkeeper in the world

Football 7 Stars

Ecuadorian Diego Andrade was named the best goalkeeper in the world in Football 7 Stars, season 2016. The RCH archer defended with honor the goal of the team and stood out in the League of the Americas. The title for the team did not come, though the goalkeeper receives the best recognition in the world.

In 2016 Diego had brilliant performances with the RCH shirt. The goalkeeper collaborated for the beautiful team campaign that reached the semifinals of the League of the Americas, played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Specialist in the defense of Shoot-Outs, the 1 shirt boasted Ecuadorian football 7.

In the dispute for the title of best goalkeeper, Diego Andrade surpassed the Brazilian Oliver Saldanha, the Mexican Fernando Arellano and the Peruvian Ignacio Drago.

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