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F7 Awards - Bogar Moreno is elected best player of the world

Football 7 Awards

Mexican Bogar Moreno was named the world's best player of the 2016 season. After being among the finalists in 2014, this year the athlete overthrew his rivals and won for the first time the main individual title of Football 7 Awards.

The year 2016 for Bogar Moreno was packed with titles. With good campaigns in the Liga Fut 7 Mexico, the player was the highlight of Sidekicks in the title of Copa Sudamericana, played in Lima, Peru. In addition to the good performances, Bogar contributed with goals for the Mexican team.

In the dispute for this year's trophy, Bogar Moreno overcame Brazilian Dionata Pires, Peruvian Sebastian Pollo and Ecuadorian Patricio Avilles.

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