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Platense wins Boca Juniors in the decision and conquers the title of the third stage of the Circuit

Football 7

Held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the third stage of the Circuit of the Americas Football 7 occurred in the last weekend. The competition brought together clubs from Uruguay and Argentina in the dispute Integracion Cup. In a very close contest, great forces of the sport were in the field and the decision was a classic of Argentine football, between Boca Juniors and Platense.

In the decision the game was very even and finished tied for 3x3, taking the decision to shot-outs dispute. The Platense took the best and won the title after winning 3-2. The top scorer was Daniel Licciardello (Platense) with 6 goals. The fourth circuit stage will contest in Mexico City in November and the final step will be in December in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Saturday (29) | Semifinal Boca Juniors (ARG) 3 (3) x (2) 3 Burkina (URU) Platense (ARG) 4 x 2 Malvin (URU)

Sunday (30) | Final Burkina (URU) 6 x 3 Malvin (URU) Boca Juniors (ARG) 3 (4) x (5) 3 Platense (URU)

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