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Copa Sudamericana - Sidekicks wins Academia and conquest stage of the Circuit of the Americas

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The night of Wednesday (19) hardly going be forgotten by the athletes and fans of Sidekicks. The Mexican team won for the first time won an international title organized by Football 7 Worldwide. Before the Academia, the cast is not fazed in rival territory and with a victory by 5-3 won the Copa Sudamericana.

The Mexican Sidekicks had already second place on three occasions, the League of the Americas (2014), the Club World Cup (2014) and in Oaxaca stage at the Circuit of the Americas 2015. Motivated by the first title the cast has imposed itself before the Peruvian Academia. With a strong start, the team arrived to open 5-1 on the scoreboard. The reaction Peruvian tried, but with an additional 5 to 3, the Mexican confirmed the title.

The Sidekicks back to Mexico with the trophy in the luggage and prepares for the sixth season of the League Fut 7.

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