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Football 7 Stars - Get to know the names of the nominees the best player U-23

Football 7

The future of the sport is guaranteed if it depends on the young athletes. Many players under 23 have stood out this year in official Football 7 Word competitions. Among the highlights were four nominees to run for the season's revelation prize. Juninho (Maringá - BRA), Eddie Sanchez (Sidekicks - MEX), Ian Simich (Immaculate - PER) and Gaston Laduche (Nacional - URU).

The Copa Sul revealed two talents of the modality. Juninho of Maringá (BRA), was the artillery of the competition, and Gaston Laduche was one of the highlights of the traditional National (URU), the young athlete had the responsibility of carrying the team captain range.

Already Eddie Sanchez has excelled in the national competitions of Mexico. The player is seen as the great revelation of the Sidekicks. Like Ian Simich, the gifted young man of the Inmaculate, from Peru.

The winner will be revealed on January 10th.

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