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Football 7 Stars – Meet the candidates for best player of the season 2016

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The main prize of Football 7 Stars elects the best player of the season. That athlete who showed more versatility, who led his team to great campaigns in international competitions and made the difference in the field. To compete for this year's honors are four players: Patricio Aviles (ECU), Bogar Moreno (MEX), Sebastian Pollo (PER) e Dionata Pires (BRA).

All the contestants participated in the Circuit of the Americas and made beautiful defending the shirt of their clubs. Dionata Pires participated with Foz Fut7 (BRA) in two international companies. In the Copa Sul won the runner-up, already in the League of Americas won the title and was still voted best player of the competition. Patricio Aviles, better known as ChiChi, also excelled in the League of the Americas. The RCH (ECU) player honored the team's shirt 10 and was a reference in the good campaign of the semifinalist team.

The other two candidates were featured in national tournaments and also in the Copa Sudamericana. The experienced Bogar Moreno led the Sidekicks (MEX) to the title of the stage of the Circuit of the Americas and was still elected star of the competition. Sebastian Pollo took to the delirium the Peruvian fan of the Academy (PER) with many goals in the competition. The athlete was the top scorer of the Copa Sudamericana.

The result of the best player of the season 2016 will be revealed on January 10th.

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