LEAGUE OF AMERICAS - Defined the semifinal clashes of international competition

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The last round of the first phase of the League of the Americas took place on Saturday (10) and had exciting and decisive clashes. Four teams have advanced and are still in contention for the title of the international competition, which takes place at the Zico Football Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In group A, Maringa (BRA) and Young (URU) made a tough match from the start. After tied for 3 to 3, the Brazilian team beat the opponent in the Shoot-Outs. Already the match between Atletico (BRA) and Delfin (ECU) finished tied for 1 to 1. In the contest for extra point Ecuadorians got the better, but eventually eliminated.

For group B, RCH (ECU) and Napoli Torreón (MEX) made a decisive confrontation by the vacancy to the semifinals. The match was very disputed and finished in 2 to 2. In the other match, Foz NALE (BRA) struggled, but won the National (URU) 6 to 5. With the result, RCH and Foz NALE passed to the semifinals.

The semi-finals take place on Sunday morning (11), check the schedule:

09h30 | Atlético (BRA) x Foz NALE (BRA) 10h30 | RCH (ECU) x Maringá (BRA)


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