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Uruguayan Fabian Canaveris is the new CEO of Football 7 Worldwide

Football 7

The Football 7 Worldwide has a new CEO, is the Uruguayan Fabian Canaveris, former athlete with four appearances at the FIFA World Cup on his resume and participation in more than 20 international competitions representing Uruguay. It will replace the Brazilian Hugo Loureiro, responsible for creating the company and an innovative project in one of the most practiced sports in the world.

The Canaveris mission will lead the new planning of the company, seeking to expand the range area at the global level, implementing new projects scheduled to take place mainly in Europe and Asia, fulfilling the goal of reaching 30 countries by 2018.

"I'm in F7Ww from the beginning and could help to consolidate the effective way to have a large representation in South America. We will start operations in other continents and I am very motivated to take on this work. We already have the plan drawn up in 2018 and certainly will lead the company and the sport to a new level in the sports industry, "said Canaveris.

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