Copa Sudamericana - Competition will display games the web

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The Copa Sudamericana will start late on Monday (17), in Lima, the Peruvian capital. The four participating teams of the countries Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru are ready for the premiere to be held at the Stadium Coliseo Manuel Bonila at 7 pm local time. The games will be broadcast on the website of Football 7 Wolrdwide. Check the broadcast schedule:

1st Round - Lunes - 17/09 Sidekicks (MEX) x Cuenca F7 (ECU) Academia (PER) x Bogotá F7 (COL)

2nd Round – Martes – 18/09 Bogotá F7 (COL) x Sidekicks (MEX) Cuenca F7 (ECU) x Academia (PER)

3rd Round – Miércoles – 19/09 Cuenca F7 (ECU) x Bogotá F7 (COL) Acadmeia (PER) x Sidekicks (MEX)


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