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Copa Sudamericana - Competition of the Circuit of the Americas begins on Monday (17)

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The Copa Sudamericana, Circuit stage of the Americas in 2016, begins on Monday (17) in Lima, Peru's capital. Four teams will be in contention for one of the main titles of the sport. In addition to the host country representative, the competition that runs until the 19th will feature a Mexican club, a team of Ecuador and Colombia.

The home owners will be represented by the Academia. The local team must rely on the support from the stands at the stadium Coliseo Manuel Bonila. Mexico will have a traditional representative. The Sidekicks has won the runner-up of the League of the Americas in 2014 in Peru. Ecuador will be represented by Cuenca F7 and Colombia at Bogota F7.

Check the schedule of Copa Sudamericana:

1st Round - Lunes - 17/09 6 pm – Sidekicks (MEX) x Cuenca F7 (ECU) 7 pm – Academia (PER) x Bogotá F7 (COL)

2nd Round – Martes – 18/09 7 pm – Bogotá F7 (COL) x Sidekicks (MEX) 8 pm – Cuenca F7 (ECU) x Academia (PER)

3rd Round – Miércoles – 19/09 7 pm – Cuenca F7 (ECU) x Bogotá F7 (COL) 8 pm – Acadmeia (PER) x Sidekicks (MEX)

The team that add the most points will win.

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