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Copa Sudamericana - With defined participants, organization discloses the tournament table

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The Copa Sudamericana, stage of Circuit Americas Football 7, will be held this October between 17 and 19. Vying for the title of the competition will be four teams in Latin America. Games will be held in the stadium Coliseo Manuel Bonila in Lima, capital of Peru.

The participants of the Copa Sudamericana are: Academia (Peru), Sidekicks (Mexico), Cuenca F7 / Trinka Niupi (Ecuador) and Bogota F7 / CDA (Colombia). In search of the international title, the teams will face each other in turn, and the team with more points will have the trophy in Lima.

Check out the game table Copa Sudamericana:

1st Round – October 17, 2016 Sidekicks (Mex) x Cuenca F7 / Trinka Niupi (Ecu) Academia (Per) x Bogotá F7 / CDA (Col)

2nd Round – October 18, 2016 Bogotá F7 / CDA (Col) x Sidekicks (Mex) Cuenca F7 / Trinka Niupi (Ecu) x Academia (Per)

3rd Round - October 19, 2016 Cuenca F7 / Trinka Niupi (Ecu) x Bogotá F7 / CDA (Col) Academia (Per) x Sidekicks (Mex)

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