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Circuit of the Americas - Ecuadorian team guarantees a place to play in the Copa Sudamericana

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The Ecuador already know your representative in the Copa Sudamericana, which will be held this October in Lima, Peru. The tournament is part of the Circuit of the Americas, the main competition between clubs of America. The tournament will be played between 17 and 19 October and will count on the participation of four teams.

The Ecuadorian representative was defined this weekend, through the tournament Cup Champions of La Fiera. The competition counted on the participation of large teams and in addition to a cash prize, the winner guaranteed a vacancy to compete in the international championship in Peru.

The great champion of La Fiera Tournament was Trinka Niupi. The team confirmed the vacancy after winning the championship decision in overtime. In addition to the Ecuadorian team to the Copa Sudamericana will count on the participation of a Mexican team, a team of Colombia and the host country's team.

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