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Ex-selection brazilian fut 7, Vassoura is featured in the World Cup Futsal by Azerbaijan

Football 7

The main futsal world competition is being held this year in Colombia. In the fight for the title following eight teams, of the 24 who started the tournament this September. Qualified for the quarter-finals, Azerbaijan is one of the revelations of the championship and its playmaker a player who has defended the team Brazilian football 7, Willians Vassoura.

The naturalized Brazilian shone in synthetic lawns in 2014 and helped Brazil win the world championship category. Originally futsal, the player accepted the challenge to defend the nation of Azerbaijan and this World Cup has been showing his talent. On Thursday (22) Vassoura scored two goals in the victory 13-8 in front of Thailand in the second round of the competition.

With the victory Azerbaijan follows making history in this World Cup Futsal. For the first time the team managed to qualify for the main competition of the sport and already the premiere is guaranteed among the top eight. On Sunday (25) Azerbaijan will duel with Portugal looking for a place in the semifinals.

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