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PERU - Universitario follows unbeatable after five rounds of the Superleague Stars 7

Football 7

The League of Peru's stars had this week to contest the fifth round. The Universitario continues to lead with five wins. This time the victim was the Alianza, which was defeated by 4 to 2. Other three games completed the fifth round of the competition. Sporting and Sport Callao won and remain close to the leader. Deportivo Palestino also won.

The more elastic score of the round was the victory of Sport Callao. The team applied 8-3 in Poets and remains in third position. The deputy leader is Sporting, who beat San Agustin by 5-2 in a very exciting duel. Completing the fifth round, Deportivo Palestino Academia made a meeting between teams that did not come well in the competition. In the confrontation the Palestino took the best and the Academia follows the last position.

Check the results of the fifth round:

Sporting (2º) 5 x 2 San Agustin (7º) Sport Callao (3º) 8 x 3 Poetas (6º) Alianza (4º) 2 x 4 Universitario (1º) Deportivo Palestino (5º) 5 x 3 Academia (8º)

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