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Ecuador - Pichincha Stage opens at a high level Circuit Ecuador F7R

Football 7

Ecuador now has another great competition football 7. On the last weekend began Circuit Ecuador F7R, a competition classificatory regional for the National League. Opening the competition, the first tournament was held in the province of Pichincha and had the participation of 12 teams.

In the first phase the teams were divided into three groups and the top finishers advance to the quarter-finals. As from the knockout stage competition warmed her and led by great stars of Ecuadorian football, the teams made exciting clashes.

Besides the title of the stage, the teams sought to reach the final to secure a spot in the National League. Onyx and RCH were better and guaranteed place in the final and to qualify for the national tournament. However, the largest party was the RCH who overcame Onyx and took the title of Pichincha step.

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