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Mexico - Atletico Atizapan opens advantage in the final of the League Fut7

Football 7

In the fourth national title search, Atletico Atizapan won the victory in the first match of the final of this season. Before the Deportivo Mago, the team made an excellent presentation and after winning the first time 3-0, confirmed the victory by 4-1 in the second half.

The expectation for the first leg of the final was great. The Atizapan returning to an end after sitting out last season. Already the Mago is in its second consecutive final and want to take a step further than the runner-up in the previous tournament. But in the first match of the season 5 decision the Atizapan got the best.

With a very good first time, Atizapan began to build the scoring in the first minutes. More ball possession, the team went into the break with a partial victory by 3 to 0. In the second half the rhythm of the match slowed and the networks only back to swing at the end. The Atizapan opened 4-0, but in the final minutes the Mago scored the honor goal, closing the score.

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