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COPA SUL - Representing Argentina in the competition, the recall campaign Scouting

Football 7

The city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, received last month the first stage of the Circuit of the Americas football 7. Bringing together the main forces of the sport, the Copa Sul with the participation of 28 teams including the male and female categories. To be part of this great celebration, four neighboring teams in South America have also entered this contest, three teams represented Uruguay and Scouting was responsible for representing Argentina in the tournament.

Composing the first group of Copa Sul, Scouting had at his side in the first phase the key Canasvieiras/ SC, Maringa F7/ PR and Figueirense/ SC . On the first round Argentines saw that would not have an easy life in the tournament debut with a defeat by 6-1 to Canasvieiras. In the second round the Scouting even managed to make a better presentation, but that was not enough to beat Maringa, 9-5 to paranaense team. With remote chance of qualifying to the next stage, the argentine team faced Figueirense in the third and final round. In farewell tone, Scouting suffered a new defeat and said goodbye to Copa Sul 2016.

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