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Remember how it was 7 football World Cup held in Brazil in 2011

Football 7

In a mounted Arena on Copacabana beach, the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2011 received the World Cup Selections 7. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Italy and Germany were the the eight teams vying for the title of that year.

In full of superstars competition, striker Edmundo was the highlight of the Brazilian team. Already the Italian selection had Adriano Foglia, named player of the indoor soccer world in 2003 and also named player of the Football World 7 in 2011. Meanwhile, Oliver Neuville was the big name of the German team, player It gained great prominence after being the number 10 selection in the World Cup 2006.

With the selections starring high level games and regaling fans who were accompanying the World Cup 7, the third place was between Uruguay and Peru, which ended with a victory for the Celeste selection. In the big decision, Italy silent off the beach of Copacabana and secured the title of the competition after beating the hosts by 3 to 2.

Remember as was the grand finale of the World Cup Football 7 2011 in its entirety in the video below:

football 7 federation
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