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PERU - Academia wins the Alianza in the shoot-out and won the title of Super League

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On Friday (10) Alianza and Academia entered the block from the Coliseum Manuel Bonilla de Miraflores to decide the title of the season opener 2016 Súper Liga Profesional Fut7 Peru. After a draw in normal time, the teams had to decide the title of the competition in the shoot-out charges. In the decisive collection, the better for the Academia who went on to win the title for the second time.

Seeking to crown their campaigns with the tournament championship trophy, Alianza and Academy started the game trying not to breach the opposing team. With this, the game has to be fine truncated and few chances were created goals. As the 50 minute ball rolling nothing has been set, the teams had to decide the title in shoot-out charges. Best in aim, the Academia has won the Súper Liga Profesional champion after beating Alianza in the decisive hour.

Photo: Jorge Delgado

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