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COPA SUL - Represented by Nacional, Juana de Las Americas and Club Malvin, Uruguay had a team in the

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The city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, received the disputes in the Copa Sul 2016 between 26 and 29 May. Stage of the Circuit of the Americas, the sports complex Floripa Soccer hosted the tournament which received more than 20 teams , including teams from tree country . Besides the traditional Team of Uruguay, Nacional, Club Malvin and Juana de Las Americas were the teams that represented Uruguay in the championship.

Divided into groups with four teams in each , teams facing their three key opponents in the first round and two best placed of each group advancing the eighth finals . While Nacional of Uruguay and Juana de Las Americas debuted with a defeat , it fell to Club Malvin and represent the country in the first round of the tournament to overcome the FEC / Paula Ramos in shoot- outs . In the second round, Juana de Las Americas was the only Uruguayan team that won the three points . In the third and final round of the first phase , the Club Malvin beat Lokomotiva and secured their place in the knockout phase , while National and Juana de Las Americas were defeated , waving goodbye to the competition.

Opponents in the first phase of the Copa Sul, Club Malvin reunited with Foz F7 , now in a match valid for the second round of the competition. As in the first duel won by Paranaense team by 1-0 , the Foz managed to repeat his good game against the Uruguayans and it was even better to ensure qualification for the quarter-finals after victory by 3 to 0. Despite the result that eliminated the tournament staff , the Club Malvin was the only foreign team that reached the second phase of the championship , representing well the colors of your country.

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