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Completed the first stage of the Circuit of the Americas in Brazil

Football 7

The first stage of the Circuit of the Americas Football 7-2016 was held last week in Florianopolis, Brazil. For four days, the Brazilian city was the world capital of football 7 and received teams three country in contention for the title of the Copa Sul. In total 28 teams in male and female categories, participated in the event that marked the start of major international competition mode.

The competition in the men's category brought together 24 teams and was a success. With three Brazilian states teams and representatives of Uruguay and Argentina, there was no lack rivalries on the court. On Sunday (29) Metropolitano-SC and Foz Fut7-PR held the grand final of the competition and the Metropolitano won the title.

In the female category, four teams protagonists of disputes. A few hours before the men's decision, the girls Elas de Ouro and Veneno Paula Ramos disputed the trophy category. In an almost perfect game, Veneno the team got the trophy.

Upon completion of the first stage, now the Circuit of the Americas embarks heads to Goiânia, in midwestern Brazil. In July the second stage in the city will be held. Peru and Mexico are the other stops of the competition before the League of the Americas in Rio de Janeiro in November.

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