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PERU - After three rounds Universitario and Academia continues to lead at the League Fut7

Football 7

The main competition of Peru had this week the realization of the third round. The 12 teams participating in the league Fut7 Peru entered in court at the Coliseo Manuel Bonilla and dueled in search of the three points. In exciting games, a team has retained 100% success in Group A and the derby between leaders shook the Group B.

In Group A the Academia was already key leader with six points. This week the team faced the Lima Cricket seeking to hold the position. And the key leader did not have much difficulty to win their third consecutive victory. With a good performance, Academia of the cast won 6-3 and follows the edge of the leaderboard, now with nine points.

In Group B the lead before the third round was divided by casts Universitario and Alianza, which amounted to six points. But this week the rivals clashed and protagonists a great classic. After 50 minutes, quite balanced, the score 5-5 led to dispute the extra point for the Shoot-Outs. In the charges the Universitario got the better and won by 4 to 3. As a result, the team is the isolated leader of Group B with 8 points.

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