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COPA SUL - Tournament will have competitions in the female category

Football 7

For the first time Football 7 Worldwide will organize an official competition for the female category. During Copa Sul championship that will open the disputes of the Circuit of the Americas in 2016, women will participate in the women's tournament. The competition will be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, between 26 and 29 May.

In addition to the women's championship, the men's tournament should have many teams participating in search of the top prize. Among women, the competition will award the vacancy to the lodging expenses paid in Rio de Janeiro for 15 athletes to compete in a tournament in November, along with the League of the Americas.

The expectation for the Copa Sul is great and many teams have confirmed their registration. After the dispute in Florianópolis next steps of the Circuit of the Americas will be Copa Verde (Goiânia, BRA), Copa Sudamericana (Lima, PER), Mexico City Tournament (Mexico-MEX City) and League of America (Rio de Janeiro-BRA ).

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