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COPA SUL - Complex Floripa Soccer is among the best in Brazil

Football 7

The Copa Sul, stage Circuit of Soccer Americas 7, will be held between 26 and 29 May. This year, the tournament host will be the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. To receive the best players of the game, the venue chosen for the games of the dispute is one of the best sports complexes in the country, the Floripa Soccer.

With an excellent infrastructure, the sports complex has an area of 18 thousand square meters. For the practice of football 7, the place have four fields with official measures, 12 dressing rooms, 3 party rooms and parking for over 500 cars. The area was already place for important competitions, but the Copa Sul will be the first international tournament. Teams from Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil have confirmed their registration.

In addition to the excellent infrastructure, the sports complex is located near one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. On the island of magic, the competition promises to open in style the Circuit of the Americas in 2016.

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